About Us

We have been fascinated with toys and the impact they have on children for over 26 years. Why should you care?

Ever bought that toy your child saw on TV, the one he saw over & over again and was lead to believe that he just had to have it along with thousands of other children?    

The one that is now stuffed in the back of the closet unused?

Those are not the toys you will find at Kaleidoscope Toys in Round Rock, Texas.

What you will find are toys that are fun and engaging. Toys that help them learn connections to their world and develop into strong active children.

Toys that are played with over & over again.

Toys and activities that say "I care enough about my child to give them the best".

That's why we work so hard to play an active part in our community and provide parents and teachers with quality educational toys that help develop healthy play in children.


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