Company History

The year was 1989 and garage selling was more than a hobby, I loved the thrill of the find.

It also planted the seed of "What if? What if I bought, cleaned & resold children's clothing & toys?" Could that become a viable business venture? I tested the idea with $100 and spent the next 2 years doing just that.

Opportunity marked the growth from garage to an old 1900sq ft building in downtown Round Rock, complete with a leaky roof and squirrels in the ceiling.

Later, I started contemplating the need to move the store to a more visible location to increase my market share.

The Dell computer complex had arrived and the city was about to explode. People were no longer coming to the downtown area to shop.

One morning, a lady from the church up the street walked in. She introduced herself as the “seer” at her church. She told me that she had a dream last night and that “God told me to tell you that whatever it is you’re thinking of doing in your business, to go ahead and do it.” So I did.

Kaleidoscope Toys moved into a 3000 sq ft store, dropping used toys to concentrate on the unique new toys people were searching for.

Six years ago, it became the 4900 sq ft specialty toy store where I stayed for 15 years.

In January of 2013, we moved to The Market were we remain today.

I attribute some of the success to opening the door of opportunity when it knocked, but mostly to a passion of really caring about the development, education, and play of children.

You know you are really doing something right when you have one of your “little” customers bang open the door, march in and announce to the world “Welcome to Kaleidoscope Toys!" It kind of makes all the hard work & late nights worth it.

Kaleidoscope Toys is the premier neighborhood toy store in Central Texas.

We carry fun educational toys, because learning should be fun.

You'll find that we are very selective in our product mix.

We like to balance our selection with the new crazes like Shopkins, educational toys like science & craft kits, and traditional toys like baby dols & unit blocks.

Combine this with our complementary gift-wrapping and our staff's extensive knowledge of toys, and you have one “Humdinger” of a toy store experience.

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